Buz LeBlanc For Sheriff
Buz LeBlanc For Sheriff
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Meet Buz



Albert “Buz” LeBlanc has diverse experience in the private sector managing a successful business and in local law enforcement. This, coupled with his determination, commitment and integrity demonstrated while serving this great country in the US Navy, makes him uniquely qualified to be Sheriff of St Martin Parish.  We have a real opportunity to bring change to St. Martin Parish and restore your trust in our law enforcement, implement stronger policies on drug offenders, and most importantly, make St. Martin Parish a safe place to live, work and raise our children. Our best days are ahead. 

Elect Albert “Buz” LeBlanc, Sheriff of St. Martin Parish. 



Albert “Buz” LeBlanc, was born and raised in Breaux Bridge, went to grammar school and High School in Breaux Bridge, earned a Bachelor’s Degree at USL (now UL Lafayette), joined the US Navy, retired after 20 years, worked with the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, then married and managed a successful business in this area. Buz is a native son who has been in many administrative and leadership roles that make him uniquely qualified to be the Sheriff of St. Martin Parish. The following is a summary of Buz’ various experiences and accomplishments.


Buz is the oldest son of Ralph LeBlanc and Mary Daigle. Ralph was a decorated Navy veteran stationed at Pearl Harbor at the start of World War II. He was also one of the few survivors of the world’s most remote plane crash in the Antarctic in 1946. Ralph was injured in that expedition and lost the use of his legs. Never the less, he and Mary raised Buz and five other children: Janice, Patrick, Rex, Brent, and Corinne.

Buz attended St. Bernard Elementary and Breaux Bridge High School. He was a member of the Breaux Bridge High track team for four years where he excelled. In his senior year, Buz was chosen as the outstanding trackman for St. Martin Parish. After graduation in 1970, Buz continued his education at USL (now UL Lafayette), where he completed his studies in the fall of 1973 and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1974. 


Following in his father’s footsteps, Buz enlisted in the Aviation Officer Candidate Program of the U.S. Navy. Upon completion of 16-weeks of Marine boot camp, Buz was commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy, which was the beginning of his 20-year course of leadership and management as an Officer in the US Navy. During his Naval career, Buz excelled in a variety of subjects ranging from computer science, engineering, communications, nuclear weapon security, and employment, as well as a number of classified war-fighting specialties, some of which remain highly classified by the U.S. Navy today.  

Buz’ affiliation with the Navy allowed him to garner invaluable leadership skills, including the ability to manage and train others in inhospitable circumstances and under the most stressful periods that one can encounter during combat situations. 

Having been stationed in numerous locations during his Naval career, Buz began to assume increasing levels of responsibility. 

His first assignment was as an Oceanographic Watch Officer, Because of his performance, he was promoted to Oceanographic Research Division Officer at NAVFAC MIDWAY ISLAND in the Pacific. Again, Buz’ performance earned him the respect of his superiors and peers and he was appointed as a Regular Officer of the US Navy, thus inviting him and acknowledging him as a Career Officer.

Buz had a steady rise in responsibility and respect. He was sent to the Naval Surface Warfare Officer School. Upon completion, Buz was then transferred to the USS CHICAGO (CG-11), a heavy cruiser in the Pacific Fleet, where he earned the naval designation Surface Warfare Officer and Fleet Officer of the Deck. Soon thereafter, he was ordered to attend the Surface Warfare Officer Department Head School at Newport, Rhode Island, where he received enhanced shipboard training and Tactical Action Officer Qualification; another step in his responsibility and authority.

His next assignment was as the Weapons Officer on the USS RATHBURNE (FF-1057), where he was responsible for the handling and security of all weapon systems aboard ship. While assigned to the RATHBURNE, the ship was nominated for the Arleigh Burke Award for the greatest improvement in battle efficiency. It later received the Battle “E” award demonstrating the highest state of battle readiness. 

Buz’ next assignment was as Operations Department Head in charge of all combat information and intelligence gathered through radar, sonar, computer systems, and other intelligence gathering methods aboard the USS FOX (CG-33). 

After this, he was assigned to the Sixth Fleet Command in the Mediterranean, where he served as Anti-Air Warfare Officer, Rules of Engagement Officer, Fuels Officer, and Nuclear Weapons Officer. He was also assigned the duties as the Senior Shore Patrol Officer for Sixth Fleet Command Staff in ports throughout the Mediterranean. It was during this period that the SIXTH FLEET expanded to three carrier battle groups and engaged Libyan Forces in the Gulf of Sidra during Freedom of Navigation Operations, in later engagements he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for performance during attacks by Libyan forces.

Buz continued his career with the Commander in Chief Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) in Norfolk, Virginia, which controls all naval assets in the Atlantic theater of operations. He was the Amphibious Forces and Mine Warfare Operations and Scheduling Officer, Buz was instrumental in the scheduling and coordination of the first deployment of minesweepers to the first hostile theater of operations since the Korean War. Additionally, as the Commander of the Atlantic Fleet’s representative for the coordination and ship scheduling of Atlantic Fleet assets to President Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs, he ensured adequate numbers of surface ships for Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachments. These detachments were responsible for drug interdiction in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Buz’ final assignment in the U.S. Navy was as the Director of the Operations Command Center for Military Sealift Command (MSC) in Washington D.C. MSC was a major contributor to the success of Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield and Operation Restore Hope, which moved millions of tons of war materials to combat areas in the Middle East. Upon completion of this assignment, 

Buz retired from Naval service in 1994.


Buz came back to St. Martin Parish after his retirement and was never one to be idle. He decided to give back to the community and accepted a position as a Correctional Officer Supervisor for the St. Martin Parish Sherriff’s Office. He then attended and completed a course at the LSU Police Academy and was awarded Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification. Upon graduation from the Academy, Buz entered the Narcotics Division as a narcotics agent for the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, a position that he held for four years. 

During his tenure as a narcotics agent, the St. Martin Correctional Facility was overtaken by a group of Cuban detainees. Buz and one other deputy attempted to avert the takeover in the early moments of the December 1999 uprising and were able to seize and maintain control of most of the facility until directed to withdraw by the FBI. The uprising lasted 13 days. Buz was a member of the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Violent Crime and Narcotics Task Force during this period. He left the Sheriff’s Office in 2000 to further his education.

While working towards obtaining his Master’s degree in history from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, he was inducted in Phi Alpha Theta and received the prestigious Amos C. Simpson Award for the best graduate research paper. These honors were bestowed upon Buz’ research paper which was written about the life of Wade Martin, the Sheriff of St. Martin Parish from 1912 to 1922 and again from 1924-1932. After receiving his Master’s degree in history, Buz enrolled in LSU’s doctoral program until returning to the workforce in 2003. 

In 2002 Buz met Angelic “Angel” Angelle, and they married later that year. Angel, a registered nurse, Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator, and Medicare/Medicaid Long-Term Care consultant, established her own consulting agency in 1997. Soon after their marriage, Buz joined Angelle’s Healthcare Consulting as a Billing Consultant and Office Manager, and for the past 16 years, he and Angel have worked side-by-side building a business that ensures Louisiana’s nursing home residents receive the quality care they deserve.


With Buz’ diverse experience in the private sector, working in local law enforcement and managing a successful business, coupled with his determination, commitment, and integrity demonstrated while serving this great country in the US Navy, makes him uniquely qualified to be your sheriff. We have a real opportunity to bring change to St. Martin Parish and restore your trust in our law enforcement, implement stronger policies on drug offenders, and most importantly, make St. Martin Parish a safe place to live, work and raise our children. Our best days are ahead.