Buz LeBlanc For Sheriff
Buz LeBlanc For Sheriff


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Community Policing- A partnership between the police and the community. Community policing allows the community to be an active ally of the police while reducing police isolation in the communities they are assigned to protect and serve. We Can accomplish this by:  

  • Create mini-stations in strategic locations to personalize policing and reduce response time.  
  • Assign the officers to the same locations, so over time, the officer’s interactions with residents can form a bond.  
  • Decentralize police authority to create a more proactive police presence and greater officer accountability reinvigorating neighborhoods by deterring crime.  
  • Partner with neighborhood watches and community action groups.  
  • Provide more transparency within the community for better relations.
  • Provides a greater level of protection for our most vulnerable residents; the young and the elderly.   

Thoroughly Investigate Crime- Victims need to know that our investigators will do everything possible to identify, locate and bring to justice criminals.  A concerted effort must be made to find and return stolen items to their owners.  

  • Basic investigative procedures and techniques must be part of every investigation.  
  • The level of investigation should not be based solely on the value of stolen goods.  
  • Investigations must not be prioritized on the victim’s insurance coverage.
  • Every citizen should be kept appraised of the status of investigations by the Sheriff’s Office.  

Attack drug epidemic – The underlying cause of crime in our parish is drug-related. Most of the thefts, assaults, and robberies stem from drug use and addiction. We must, therefore, engage in a sustained effort to remove drug dealers and their products from our communities by:

  • Identify areas of high drug trafficking  
  • Identify drug dealers
  • Remove dealers by arrest when the evidence permits.
  • Force relocation by a sustained police presence that restricts activities to the point where business profits do not warrant the risk of arrest.  
  • Visible police presence will deter drug users from visiting or loitering in drug trafficking areas.
  • Support drug education and rehabilitation programs for the victims of drug traffickers.  
  • Taking control of the drug problem enhances the economic viability of our parish. Tourist do not feel safe and therefore are not attracted to our communities when they encounter blighted areas and obvious drug dealing.

Increase Deputy Pay – Increasing deputy pay has many benefits:

  • Allows hiring agency to be selective resulting in a higher caliber officer.
  • Cost effective in that it decreases the number of deputies lost to higher paying jurisdictions.
  • Lowers training cost with decreases in the numbers of transferred officers.
  • Attracts good officers from other jurisdictions.
  • Greater officer accountability is expected to strengthen decentralization.
  • Better qualified officers equate to more thorough investigations and reporting resulting in higher convictions and greater transparency with the community.

Reduce response times- provides the citizen with a higher measure of security:

  • The establishment of mini-substations in strategic locations reduce the distances traveled for calls and emergencies creating a more responsive police force by lowering response times.  
  • It places more deputies, with a greater familiarity with the local community and geography, on the street.
  • Locations can be easily be augmented by adjacent substations or jump squads when emergency situations arise.
  • Reduced response times give criminals less time to plan and exercise their trade.

Lower Crime rate – insufficient jail space hinders the reduction of crime in the parish, offenders are back on the streets when correctional facilities cannot house new arrest:

  • Offenders know the probability of arrest is lowered when jail space is insufficient or non-existent.
  • Criminal elements are attracted to locations when there is a lower probability of arrest.
  • Additional jail facilities are needed in St. Martin Parish if we expect to lower our crime rate.
    • Inmates need to work while incarcerated. Air-conditioned cells and cable TV do not constitute hard labor.  
    • Bringing back road crews for road and municipal clean-up.